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FDR Family Locksmith
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FDR Family Locksmith provides you with locksmith and business services.

Locksmith Service:

Auto and residential keys made here. You can also have sports designer keys made: basketball, football and many other designs available. We have locks, key rings, key chains and more accessories. Stop by our store today to have your keys made.

Notary Service:

Have your legal documents

notarized here. We have a

Notary on staff to notarize

your legal documents.

Notaries in the state of New Jersey are witnesses to the signing of documents.


Please bring ID with you.

Pre-Paid Cell Phones:

Buy your pre-paid cell phones here. Boost & Virgin Mobile.


Pre-paid minutes:

Add minutes to your pre-paid cell phones here. AT& T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Cingular & more...

 Money Transfers * Bill Payments * Same Day Pre-Paid VISA Credit/Debit Cards


Get your copies made here. We can do black and white copies and color copies too.

Fax Service:

FAX your documents here. You can also receive your documents here.

FAX#: (201) 451-3600